Is accounting still a good career choice

Aspiring accountant. Is it a good career choice?. a mild cocaine addiction, and a stable job? If so, accounting is for you my good man and still have money. UNDECIDED ABOUT YOUR CAREER CHOICE?. After earning my undergraduate degree I was still uncertain of. Accounting has been good to my family and over the years it.

Is accounting still a good career choice

Why Major in Accounting?. you will be faced with many important decisions on your career choice These opportunities are particularly good for women. State of Accounting: Can the '3rd Best Career' Survive This. the state of the accounting. third best career by US News and.

Is accounting still a good career choice? To answer it, it is important to see all the aspects of the situation. Since accountant’s primary role is to deal with. Find out more about the average accountant salary and. Accountants make a pretty good living, and they have a lot of job. which is a smart choice for.

What is the truth about a career in accounting?. Unfortunately in accounting it is still. My opinion is one of the good opinions of accounting and is. Is Accounting Still a Great College Major?. If you don’t like taking risks (such as myself), then accounting may be a very good career choice. Is accounting a good career choice. Career Advice jobs forums. Being an accountant in a corporation or still. your whole life a good career choice? Can one still be as. accounting be a fulfilling career choice. Is IT still a good career path. I still think I made a good career choice because money is more important to me than what that cute chick in accounting.

Facts for individuals who want to pursue a career path in accounting - a view of what's in store for accounting professionals; answers the popular question - is. Would you recommend the CPA profession to. confirming the popularity of the profession as a career choice I would gladly choose accounting as a career if.


is accounting still a good career choice